Quick Guide for the Itinerary Dashboard

The itinerary dashboard provides a number of tools to find and view itineraries created by TravelDocs.  This guide provides an explaination of the important features to user the itinerary dashboard.


Searching for Itineraries

There are two mechanisms to locate the itineraries you need to find, these are Filters and Data Range.


Using Filters

Click on the Filters button in the Itinerary Dashboard

As shown above when you click on the Filters buttons, a row of colum filters appear below each column heading. These colum filters are used to search for matching text in each column.  For example, if you wish to search for any traveller visiting a specific city, you can type that city name in the Itinerary Destinations column.  This is possible the most useful type of search in the event of an emergency where you want to find people that may be in a location where an emergency exists.

Type a value in any column filter and you find itineraries that do not match the search text you type are removed from view in the dashboard.

Date Range Filter

The second type of search filter is the search by date range.  This can be used with column filter, where you may be interested in people travelling in the immediate future or longer term.  Click on the Show Destination Date between data field as shown below.

Select your preferred predefined date range:

  • Last 30 Days
  • Next 60 Days
  • Next 90 Days
  • Custom Range

Upon selecting a date range TravelDocs removes all itineraries where a destination date falls outside the selected date range.

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